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More than a (Tasty) Product

All Vegetarian Inc is on a mission.

A mission to change the way you look at sustainably sourced, plant-based products.  Co-founder Tony Chu began his quest in 2006 when he and his wife Grace decided to champion a lifestyle that embraces great—and great for you—variations on classic tastes.  “Many people think making vegan food is a business” notes Tony.  “But we regard it as a way of life.  Therefore, our company’s Instagram is not about selling products, but a platform for life-sharing.”

The result—All Vegetarian Inc—is a food wholesaler interested in promoting the benefits of plant-based foods and products.  All Vegetarian Inc products are created in Taiwan and use high-quality oil, non-GMO, and non-Trans-Fat ingredients to ensure their message is flash-frozen into more than the packaging their health-conscious goods arrive in.

They encourage their supporters to share dinner creations, recipes, and content showcasing the time-honored traditions of a family at mealtime and have leveraged their social media and online presence to reflect a commitment to good old-fashioned food passion.

Vejii is proud to offer their community an opportunity to enjoy 3x the Vejii bucks on All Vegetarian Inc products—and encourages you to come up with some delicious meal creations of your own!

All Vegetarian Vegan Shrimp
All Vegetarian Vegan Shrimp by @Bamsvegan

Dinner Essentials and Summer Favorites

Popular plant-based variations on classic fare are carefully created by the good minds at All Vegetarian Inc.  Offering everything from shrimp to Turkey Roast substitutes, you’re sure to find the right tastes, regardless of the occasion!

All Vegetarian: Spicy BBQ Jerky

Jerky that packs a kick in every bite and is perfect for summertime snacking.  A popular, taste-identical variation on a satisfying quick-bite classic, this non-GMO, soy protein-based take is seasoned with brown sugar and hickory smoke flavors

All Vegetarian: Nuggets

Just as versatile as they are tasty—and can be grilled, fried, or baked before perfectly complimenting your salad, wrap or main course cravings.  Soybean protein and black pepper combine to give them the taste you’re used to, with a health boost your tummy will thank you for.

All Vegetarian: Vegan Chicken Breast Cutlets

The essential go-to you don’t know you’ve been missing!  Incredibly versatile, they can be tossed on the BBQ or in the frying pan, baked in the oven or prepared in any of the other countless ways you’ve contemplated that chicken in the past…only this time, it’s not really chicken at all!  Each 195g breast contains an astonishing 32g of protein!

All Vegetarian: Turkey Roast

Stuffed with 11 whole food ingredients that are sure to please even the staunchest turkey fan at your table! Serve 5-7 hungry guests when perfectly pairing this nutrient-rich powerhouse alongside mashed potatoes and roast vegetables.  And as this ‘bird’ is Vegan, Non-GMO, and Trans-Fat free, you won’t be feeling the guilt or the tryptophan that can be associated with that post-feast crash!

All Vegetarian: Vegan Shrimp

Sacrifices none of the flavor—or texture—you’ve come to love. Perfect as a standalone snack, or paired with that tasty soup or salad, this particularly succulent shrimp alternative can be sauteed into that pasta you’ve been waiting to make.  And with 0g cholesterol, 0g Trans-fat, and 0g dietary fiber, you’ll be loving the health benefits right along with the flavors!

Big on Value

Vejii is proud to share All Vegetarian Inc’s commitment to fun, family-focused meal creation—and, for a limited time, is rewarding customers with 3x the Vejii bucks on any and all of these mouth-watering taste sensations from July 10 through July 14.


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