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It could be argued that the Beyond Meat brand is responsible for the alternative-sourced protein boom currently enjoyed by countless foodies nationwide.  Chances are you’ve driven by a restaurant offering a plant-based version of a popular menu item.  Chances are you’ve heard terms like “Impossible” or “Beyond” bandied about when describing the ingredients in the delicious variations of classic fare that are currently enjoying a surge in popularity.

Vejii wants to celebrate the plant-based boom by offering a full compliment of mouth-watering Beyond Meat sausages, ground beef and burgers.  With easy to prepare meals packed full of nutritious ingredients, the sustainably-sourced alternative advocate in your household will be thrilled to see a package of Beyond arrive on the family doorstep.  As always, orders over $75 ship free nationwide—when it comes to new takes on classic summer cookout fare, think Beyond and thank Vejii!

Benefits Beyond

Sure, a perfectly topped Beyond Burger takes ridiculously good.  But the benefits of every delicious bite go far…beyond…the flavor profiles tickling your tastebuds.  You may not realize that the shift from animal to plant-based meat has a great impact on the environment as well.  Each happily-consumed Beyond Meat plant-based product has a significant impact in four distinct avenues: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources, and animal welfare.

You care about the food you feed your loved ones.  With the rise of Beyond Meat products, you no longer have to sacrifice health benefits for taste.  By combining expert innovation with simple ingredients, your family can enjoy the rich, meaty flavors they crave, without compromise!  Containing an equal—and often higher—protein content than your conventionally sourced varieties, Beyond products contain no cholesterol, less saturated fats, and no antibiotics or hormones.

By ascribing to a “it’s not too late to make a difference” philosophy in regard to the impact we’ve had on our environment, the planet-conscious among us would be pleased to learn that a Beyond Burger uses significantly less water (99% less,) land (93% less,) energy, and generates less 90% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE) than a quarter-pound beef burger. (*1)

A Plant-Based Footprint

Vejii is proud to carry an assortment of Beyond Meat products, and endeavors to deliver on a promise of 100% naturally sourced products, all available to order from the comfort of your own home.  Not only are you ensuring your family is enjoying a nutrient-rich, delicious meal with every order—but the gas (and time!) you’re saving en-route to a packed grocery store is better served in the company of your loved ones.

Vejii and Beyond Meat are proudly partnered in the business of making healthy choices, and encourage you to make one of your own today.

It’s only a mouse click away.


  • Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger Life Cycle Assessment: A Detailed Comparison Between a Plant-Based and an Animal-Based Protein Source; A peer-reviewed LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) conducted by the University of Michigan, CSS (Center for Sustainable Systems) paper CSS18-10, Martin C. Heller, Gregory A. Keoleian

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