Bite into Big Savings with Blackbird Pizza

Blackbird Pizza Assortment

Big Savings, Great Pizza.

Pizza.  There’s nothing better.  This summer, Blackbird Foods is taking the guesswork out of dinner preparation, and Vejii is delivering big on savings.  For a limited time, Vejii shoppers save $2 on all delicious Blackbird Pizza varieties.

Dinner, Easy.

With Blackbird’s delicious, pizza-parlor quality, ready-made pies, your family can enjoy authentic pizza taste created with the freshest plant-based ingredients.  Non-GMO, Cholesterol Free and Kosher, you can rest assured you’re not sacrificing healthy ingredients for flavor.  Simply unbox, place into a pre-heated oven, and serve—with Blackbird, great pizza taste is minutes away.

blackbird pizza sale at vejii

Never Leave the Freezer Empty-Handed.

If there’s nothing better than pizza, there’s nothing worse than opening the freezer and discovering you’re not as fully stocked as you had remembered.  You’ve got hungry mouths to feed—you don’t want to wait for ridiculous delivery times, and you don’t want to venture into evening traffic to pick up dinner.  With Vejii, free shipping on orders over $75 ensures your freezer is always fully stocked…and, with a variety of mouth-watering flavors, Blackbird has a different pizza for every occasion.

Ticket to Flavor-Town

With Blackbird’s Supreme Pizza, serve up a slice of NYC in the comfort of your home!  The signature pizzeria recipe, the Supreme comes loaded with the healthiest, hand-crafted ingredients straight from the Blackbird kitchen in New York City.

Blackbird’s BBQ Pizza comes loaded with a smoky, ready-to-serve flavor that mimics the cookout taste you’ve been craving!  Save the delivery time, this handcrafted pizza is only as far away as your freezer.

In the mood for something different—and delicious? Blackbird’s Kale & Mushroom Pizza and Blackbird’s Margherita Pizza flavors are equally bold and nutrient-packed.  The freshest ingredients are stuffed into these painstakingly handcrafted creations, pre-made and ready to go!

With Vejii, Dinner is Easy.

By offering an additional $2 off every Blackbird Pizza from July 27-30, Vejii wants you to enjoy the full complement of savory flavors available come pizza night.  Save the hassle of waiting on the pizza guy, and—with free shipping on orders over $75, you’ll never have to brave rush hour traffic to pick up dinner again!

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