Make Toxins a Thing of the Past with Blendtopia: Detox Smoothie Kit

: Detox Smoothie Kit

The Trouble with Toxins.

We’ve all got ‘em, to various degrees—diet, hormone imbalances, lifestyle choices, medications, and genetics can all be counted as potential culprits for their cause.  These pesky toxins can contribute to fluid retention and congestion in the body, and—over time—can even lead to more serious conditions, like the stagnation of the lymphatic system.  (*Stagnation of the lymphatic system can potentially cause pain and swelling in the body, over time.)

Besides these invasive and altogether unpleasant potential effects, a build-up of toxins in the body can be attributed to a variety of maladies: chronic headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety and depression, skin issues…unfortunately, the list is almost endless.

The minds over at Blendtopia have created an effect toxin-reduction aid in the form of a plant-based, superfood smoothie…the Blendtopia: Detox Smoothie Kit is officially here to help you say goodbye to unwanted toxin build-up and the optimal health-impacting ailments that come with it.

Blendtopia: Detox Smoothie Kit is officially here to help you say goodbye to unwanted toxin build-up

Flush Them Away with Flavor

80% of the body’s immune system lies in the gut.  With this in mind, Blendtopia: Detox Smoothie Kit aims to flush away toxins where they live, and in turn boost immune function and human optimization.  The best part?

The taste.

Organic pineapples, celery, bananas, kale, spinach, and hemp seeds combine with flax seeds, wheatgrass powder, and cayenne and lemon juice powders to create the rare detox blend that won’t have you holding your nose to get down.

The brainchild of Blendtopia founder Tiffany Taylor, a certified Raw Food and Holistic Nutritionist, this tasty blend was designed to offer whole food nutrition solutions to problems many of us unknowingly face.

“Your health and well-being begins with the simple choices you make with what you put into your body” Tiffany notes.  “My hope is that we can inspire you to begin to shape healthy habits that will last a lifetime.”

Recognizing the importance of flavor when suggesting a good-for-you concoction (*who remembers banana penicillin?) Blendtopia: Detox Smoothie Kit offers a tasty, superfood-packed punch for the toxins that may be hiding within you.

*Vegan, Non-GMO, and Organic, this plant-based remedy is an effective aid for anyone looking to give the body a little love.

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