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BLOATING is a very frustrating yet common occurrence in a lot of people and it can be painful and cause a lot of discomfort. It generally starts to happen after eating a particular food or meal and can last for hours or even overnight. We’ve all experienced bloating at some point or the other or for some of us, it’s a pretty chronic issue. So, we’ve compiled some of our top tips, with the help of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, to help support you reduce your bloating!

Our 9 Top Tips to Prevent Bloating:

1. Drink ~1 Litre of Water Upon Waking Up:
Regular bowel movements is a really important factor in decreasing bloating and drinking water first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything else,  will encourage regular movements and decrease your risk of constipation. While you sleep, your body is also processing a lot of toxins and working as your filtration system and drinking water first thing in the morning really helps flush all of your body’s natural waste out! Drinking water in the morning is also a great way to rehydrate yourself after you sleep and prepare your digestive system for the day ahead! Remember, warm or room temperature water is also best to ensure you don’t decrease the acid in your stomach that will help break down your breakfast and meals throughout the day.

2. Drink Warm Lemon Water or Apple Cider Vinegar Before Each Meal:
Drinking lemon water or some ACV in a glass of water can really help kickstart your digestive system and prevent bloating as it increases the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and really supports the breakdown of food! Ayurvedic medicine actually says that the sour lemon taste helps stimulate your “agni” and allows you to digest food more easily, decrease bloating, and help prevent the build-up of toxins. Don’t like the taste of either of those drinks? Try this ACV supplement from Goji (it’s one of your fav products to help reduce bloating!)

3. Chew your food LOTS! like, we mean lots!
When food is chewed thoroughly, you release a lot of saliva which actually contains digestive enzymes! When we think about the digestive system, we tend to visualize the stomach and intestinal tract but the first step to digestion in your body is actually through chewing in your mouth! When it comes to the actual chewing, your teeth and salivary glands play critical roles that set up the digestive process. Your teeth will grind down food into more manageable and smaller bites, your salivary glands will secrete enzymes to aid in absorption of vitamins and minerals, and your tongue manipulates the food in your mouth the get it finely chewed (we’re talking kind of mushy) before it enters the stomach. This is a huge step to reducing or preventing bloating!

4. Try not to Drink Water with Your Meals (especially cold/ice water)
The stomach is basically like a cauldron of fire to help breakdown and digest the food that you’re eating so drinking cold water is discouraged so that it doesn’t cool down that fire! This fire is actually hydrochloric acid that is critical for digesting all the food you consume. Any water will actually hinder that digestive process and dilute the acid so we recommend consuming your liquids either half an hour before the start of your meal or have an hour after you eat.

5. Try Eating Smaller Meals and More Frequently!
Bloating sometimes means that your stomach empties a little too slowly and if you’re eating just 2-3 really large meals per day, you’re going to be left quite uncomfortable for quite a while! One of the best ways to prevent this issue is to eat smaller but more frequent meals throughout the day. Small amounts of food are obviously easier for your digestive tract to handle and it will allow your stomach to empty a little quicker as it’s digesting less food.

6. Avoid Stress and Stimulation While Eating
Obviously, stress is not good for our health and it’s very important to build self-care routines and rituals to live our healthiest and happiest life! But did you know that stress can actually really impact our digestive system? Our bodies cannot easily combat and manage stress and digest food simultaneously. When you’re stressed, your digestive system will actually slow down and this is what may cause bloating! We recommend taking the time to mindfully eat your meals and try avoiding stressful situations while doing it. We recommend trying to eat at the kitchen table or in the sun and avoid getting distracted by your phone, work, or the television because believe it or not, our body sometimes subconsciously views that as stress.

7. Eat More Cooked Foods
Cooking food helps break down vegetable fibres and it makes it much easier for the body to chew it as well as digest it which will ultimately lead to less bloating than eating raw foods! This means you should favour cooked vegetables, oatmeal, soups, casseroles, stews, etc! If you’re craving something raw and fresh, try a smoothie as you’re also breaking down those fibres in the blending process.

8. Consider Adding a Digestive Enzyme into your Supplement Routine
As we have previously discussed, your digestive fire and the hydrochloric acid in your stomach needs to be at optimal levels to be able to digest your food and prevent bloating from happening! Although lemon water and apple cider vinegar can be helpful, adding a digestive enzyme into your routine is one of our top recommendations too! Enzymes help break down food and also aid in nutrient absorption. Although you can find natural enzymes in foods like pineapple and papaya, it’s not quite realistic to have those things on hand for every meal, every day. So, we recommend finding yourself a digestive enzyme (we love Rainbow Lights Advanced Enzyme System!) for you to carry around and take twenty minutes before every meal, especially heavier ones!

9. Aim to Drink 3-4 Litres of Water Per Day
It is common knowledge that water is essential for life but it may not be one of the first things you associate with bloating or poor digestion. Bloating can actually be caused by dehydration and could be a result of sluggish digestion and constipation but drinking enough water can help combat this! Drinking enough water throughout the day will help in peristalsis and keep our digestive and intestinal tract nice and healthy! If those tracts are healthy and moving the way they are supposed to, your bloating should be quite minimal! As always, we put a large emphasis on room temperature water, warm water, or water with a little lemon or ACV in it!

Although these are recommendations from a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, we always advise that you see your doctor and discuss your options with him if your bloating persists or if you are in pain! There are many diseases and disorders that may be causing your bloating and may not be cured or supported by the recommendations above. It’s a good idea to always consult your doctor on all health issues! However, we hope some of these tips help you on your journey to reducing your bloating so you can live your healthiest and happiest life!

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