Awesome New Dairy-Free Milk – Made From Cabbage and Pineapple?


Dairy-Free Milk Made From Cabbage and Pineapple?

It’s NotMilk.

(Not) From the Cow to the Table

The minds over at NotCo have taken all of the taste, texture and outright versatility of dairy milk and created a product perfectly summed up on the label.

It’s NotMilk, and right now it’s a dollar off.

Recently featured in The Washington Post, NotCo’s revolutionary new plant-based products are packed with ingredients that require a second read.

Not Your Average Milk

  • It looks like milk.
  • It pours like milk.
  • It tastes like milk.
2% Dairy-Free Milk - Made From Cabbage and Pineapple
2% Dairy-Free Milk – NotMilk

So when the ingredients label reads ‘pea protein, pineapple and cabbage you’d be forgiven for mistaking the creative brains at NotCo for sorcerers. In truth, it is technology that is responsible for NotMilk—technology, and a simple question.

‘Why Not?’

Printed proudly on the side of each NotMilk carton, the mission statement is simple and effective. ‘It all started with a Why Not. For the sake of the planet, we are here to reinvent the food industry. One delicious mouthful at a time.’

Thank Giuseppe

You can thank an algorithm—not magic—for the magic in NotMilk containers. An algorithm named Giuseppe. The algorithm, literally able to use infinite combinations of plants to replicate animal products, was the first step towards a vision of sustainability and a world free of animal-involved food production. Now, backed by industry titans like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, NotCo is focused on seeing that vision come to fruition…and it starts at the bottom of the cereal bowl.

Just Like You’re Used To

NotMilk offers plant-based Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives that can be stirred, blended, cooked, frothed, slurped, chugged and tasted in all of the ways traditional cow-based milk can.

With Whole Milk and 2% Reduced Fat offerings (and entirely plant-based ingredients) NotMilk captures the taste and options of traditional dairy, without the potential gastrointestinal discomfort some consumers have suffered with or developed.

Whether you’re lactose sensitive, outright intolerant, or simply a fan of Holsteins more for their paint job than the content of their udders, NotMilk has a milk for you.

Save the Udders

The average Holstein cow produces around 23,000 pounds of milk each lactation. Given that a standard lactation period lasts around 300 days, that’s a lot of strain—and swelling—on your average bovine. NotCo is determined to give the cows a break, and Giuseppe is entirely okay with working overtime to do it.

Dairy-Free Milk – Good and Good For You!

NotCo’s NotMilk Whole Milk and Not Milk 2% Reduced Fat options are certified vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, halal and kosher. Perfectly paired with that early-morning bowl of cereal or as an ingredient in vegan Shepherd’s Pie, NotMilk will have everyone at the table marvelling at the taste and amazed by the ingredients.

For a limited time, customers can enjoy a dollar off of their NotMilk purchase, and feel good about contributing to the ‘Why Not’ ethos that’s intent on changing the way you think about milk.

Whole Dairy-Free Milk - Made From Cabbage and Pineapple?
Whole Dairy-Free Milk – NotMilk

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