Dairy Got You Down? Enjoy Big Summer Savings on Artisanal Cheese Alternatives

Cheese Alternative Treeline

Cost Savings on the Cheese that Costs Your Digestive System Less.

Craving a little cheese this summer?

Perhaps you’re one of many who has experienced discomfort after a plate of what is supposed to be comfort food.  For many Americans suffering from lactose intolerance or sensitivity, the delicious flavor of their favorite dairy products comes at a cost.  Vejii and Treeline are teaming up to offer delicious savings on plant-based cheese alternatives.

For a limited time, save an additional 15% off of your next guilt-free indulgence with Treeline.  Their ethically sourced and sustainably farmed cashews create a plethora of creamy cheese products, and—coming all the way from Brazil—these cashews are packed with nutrients and possess all of the taste you’ve been yearning for.

The Dairy Dilemma

Described as a digestive disorder caused by the inability to digest lactose, you may be surprised to learn that over 332 million Americans suffer from this condition.  For those individuals who possess an inability to produce enough of the enzyme lactase, the consumption of dairy can be a rough go.  (The main carbohydrate in dairy?  You guessed it: lactose.)

A report by The World Population Review suggests that you may be born with lactose intolerance, or develop it later in life—even if you’ve never had issues with dairy before. Lactose intolerance in youth stems from a mutation of the LCT gene, which causes a life-long problem with dairy.  In adults, the disorder develops by decreasing activity of the LCT gene, resulting in an inability to digest lactose that develops over time. Shockingly, the report states that approximately 65% of the adult human population has this type of intolerance.

Committed to a sustainable future for your family—and the planet—Vejii champions education of the importance of a green future.  It turns out that diary is rough not only on your stomach—but it is potentially rough on the planet, too.

Plant-Based Cheese

The Carbon Effect

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) details the ramifications of a burgeoning industry on the environment.  Dairy cows and their manure produce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change—and, with 278 million dairy cows representing a worldwide industry, that contribution could prove to be a significant one.  (To say nothing of the 100 lbs of feed the average cow consumes daily.)  The WWF article states that the poor handling of manure and fertilizers can impact local water resources, and that unsustainable farming and feed production can encroach upon ecologically important areas.

A Healthy Alternative

Treeline farms the sustainably sourced cashews that go into their cheeses and spreads in orchards free from pesticides.  The raw material goes through rigorous sorting and analysis stages, ensuring only the best ingredients go into their famous plant-based offerings.  Vejii is proud to offer their tasty, tummy saving alternatives, from the Artisanal Cracked Pepper Cheese Wheel to their Sea Salt & Pepper French Style Cheese spread.  Robust and creamy, their full line of delectable cheeses will add melty, cheesy goodness to your next summer dinner indulgence.

Spread a Little Love This Summer

Vejii is offering huge savings on the full complement of Treeline Cheese products. Save 15% From August 27-29 on the wheels and spreads essential for that next big get-together.  By committing to ethically sourced and planet-friendly alternatives, we’re proud to educate Americans on the options available to them…regardless if your decision to support us comes from an upset tummy or care for the most eco-friendly food, lifestyle, and supplement items on the planet we all share.

Fulfilled & Shipped by:  ShopVejii
Fulfilled & Shipped by:  ShopVejii

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