Frozen Veggies Are The Way To Go. Here’s Why.


Nutrient Rich(est.)

Not only are frozen vegetables equal in nutrients to their fresh counterparts—in some cases, they’re even more so!  By flash-freezing your veggies at the point of peak freshness, minerals and nutrients normally lost to the oxidization process are preserved.

Frozen broccoli has been shown to retain greater amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C and folic acid when compared to fresh.

Forget the Bacteria. 

By the time you’re picking through the produce at your local grocer, some of the nutritional punch has been eroded—and, as time passes, micro bacteria begins to grow in the water molecules of your favorite Frozen Veggies.  This process simply doesn’t occur with frozen food—the water molecules, encased in ice, are far too cold for these microscopic critters to emerge.

Frozen Vegetables
Frozen Vegetables


Technology-driven advances in processing, packaging and delivery ensure that your favorite vegetables are available to you year-round.  Fresh broccoli and cabbage (depending on where you live) can be scarce in summer months…who wants to wait for their favorite salad ingredients or sides?

Price Stable.

Paying for fresh, outside of peak regional seasonality, can be expensive.  For example, the winter months may see a slight dip in quality of fresh produce, to say nothing of the inflated prices necessary to justify the increased transportation demands.  Frozen veggies, on the other hand, enjoy a consistent price point year-round. Carries a huge selection of premium frozen foods

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 Antioxidant Packed.

Difficult to pronounce, but important to overall health, antioxidants like polyphenols, anthocyanins, lutein, and beta-carotene are found in greater quantities in some frozen vegetables when compared to fresh.

In the case of beta-carotene, frozen broccoli contains 400% more than fresh.

Less Waste, More Saving.

Face it—many of us have over-estimated the amount of produce we need for the week.  Unfortunately, unused and not-so-fresh-anymore vegetables often find their way to the compost bin—with resealable packaging, this simply isn’t the case with frozen.  You’re only paying for the veggies you’re eating, no matter when that may be!

Easy Choice.

Longer-lasting, price-stable and overwhelmingly nutrient-dense, frozen veggies are the obvious choice for year-round freshness.

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