Meat Alternative “The Pardon Roast” is a guilt-free Dinner Party Classic


No Evil Foods has brought back ‘The Pardon Roast’, a meat alternative to an American classic.

Summer of Inclusion

This summer, I’ll be joining countless others in celebrating a return to hosting dinner. What was once taken for granted in my household–the ability to entertain family and friends–is coming back in a big way, with increased focus on options that suit every culinary taste. But what to serve on that inaugural return to the table?

The Perfect Blend of Flavour

The Pardon Roast feeds up to eight comfortably, with leftover options ranging from sandwiches to pot pie. Speaking from experience, cold turkey fresh from the fridge the next day is a hit in my household, and The Pardon holds up admirably in this regard.

Cooking with ease

Park a foil-covered Pardon Roast in a pre-heated (350 degrees) oven for thirty minutes. Remove the foil, bake for another twenty or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F. The ease of instruction leaves plenty of time (and energy) to worry about the various sides, pairings and plating of the meal.

Converting the Carnivore with Meat Alternatives

Increasingly delicious options are opening the eyes of many Vegan-diet detractors. Forever the holdout of the meat-eating inclined, No Evil Foods co-founders Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky created The Pardon Roast to deliver a taste-equivalent, animal cruelty free offering to traditional fare. By combining organic ingredients with a passion for flavour, The Pardon overwhelmingly passes the taste test of some of the staunchest turkey lovers.


Meat Alternative "The Pardon Roast" at

Transitioning friends and loved ones to the vegan diet is easier than ever with offerings like The Pardon-the perfect companion to your next dinner event. (Remember those?)

– Brody McVittie

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