Mushrooms—The Secret to a Healthy Diet?

Mixed Mushrooms

The Best Kept Secret to a Healthier You

Sure, they punch up a pizza.  But did you know that the benefits of mushrooms go beyond being flavorful additions to your next pie or omelet?

It turns out consuming mushrooms may have important medical benefits, as well.

Varieties like reishi and lion’s mane are known to help balance auto-immune conditions and support brain health.  As many Americans endeavor to clean up their dietary habits, the benefits of these powerful fungi may go a long way towards a healthier you!

Getting Better

You may be happy to learn that the average American is eating more whole grains and nuts—while also consuming fewer refined sugars—than they were 20 years ago.  However, a 2019 study shows that Americans are still consuming low quality carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and poor protein sources.

At Vejii, we understand that transforming a family’s eating habits doesn’t happen overnight.  By offering over 3,000 plant-based food, supplement, and lifestyle products, we’re confident we can educate and serve your family in their journey to healthier, plant-based eating options.

Here’s a simple way to punch up any dinner with a healthy dose of fiber, protein, and antioxidants.  If you’re looking for a dose of selenium, copper, magnesium, thiamin, and phosphorous, mushrooms are an easy, flavorful addition to any pasta or stir-fry.

cooking healthy mushrooms

Surprisingly Good for You!

Rich in potassium, mushrooms offer a natural counter to the negative impacts that sodium can have on the body.  Potassium is proven to lessen tension in the blood vessels, which may in turn assist in lowering blood pressure!  Research has shown that mushrooms help stimulate microphages in the immune system, enhancing one’s ability to defeat foreign bodies.

The antioxidant profile in mushrooms may also reduce the risk of hypertension and other metabolic disorders.  Not to mention, a diet rich in mushrooms has the potential to impact weight management!  A study published by the National Library of Medicine showed that replacing even 20% of beef consumption with mushrooms had a positive effect on weight loss.

Chaga, reishi, and cordyceps mushrooms are adaptogenic—meaning they help your body cope with stress and allow your body to adapt to unexpected problems.

Mushrooms are full of polysaccharides, which are long-chain carbohydrates that are the preferred sustenance source for gut bacteria.  Feeding our gut bacteria the prebiotics provided in mushrooms results in a balanced digestive system and reduced indigestion.

Shitake mushrooms—one of the most commonly found varieties—contain a cholesterol-lowering compound which helps the body reabsorb any extra cholesterol that it may inadvertently produce.

Herb of Immortality.

The future of a healthy diet for your family may very well be rooted in the past.  As far back as 100 B.C ancient civilizations dubbed Ganoderma or reishi mushrooms the ‘herb of immortality’ for its numerous purported healing benefits.  Although many elixirs today claim to be derived from reishi mushrooms, (an article published on the Frontiers in Microbiology webpage discusses these claims) the truth is that consuming mushrooms has numerous proven benefits.

Vejii endeavors to become a resource for education.  By offering sustainably and ethically sourced products and detailing the effects of their consumption, we aim to assist Americans who are searching for a healthy alternative to their diet.

We’re proud to let our consumers know about the potentially life-altering benefits of mushrooms…and we hope you’ll look at them as more than simply decoration on that next pizza!

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