The Newest JUST: Egg Product You Have To Try!


The Newest JUST: Egg Product You Have To Try! 

Around The World In Four Bites
Try JUST: Egg Sous Vide Egg Bites

Every morning, I’m having breakfast internationally.
From the comfort of my kitchen.

JUST: Egg has taken a former Starbucks vice home with their wildly delicious Sous Vide Egg Bites. With Internationally inspired tastes, these fluffy, healthy bites are infused with ingredients and spices famous to the regions they hail from.

Flavours from around the globe

Just: EGG Sous Vide egg bites are available in four ready-made flavors: Indian, Japanese, American and Mexican.

I started with Sous Vide Japanese. Seasoned with furikake, a popular dry condiment I had discovered on rice some years before, I was drawn to these despite my relative inexperience with Japanese foods.

Following the incredibly easy instructions (essential for my lack of morning awareness) I found the bites ready after a few minutes of heating in the oven.

*Prior to my morning coffee, simply pressing “bake” on the oven remains the limit of my creative culinary capabilities, so the pre-made bites were perfectly suited for this maiden taste voyage.

Vegan and non-GMO ingredients ensured the bites would be consumable by any in my health-conscious household, but the taste would determine the continued availability on my shelf.

As the first hot, fluffy bite crumbled deliciously into my mouth, I tasted hints of the Portobello mushrooms and sweet potatoes that composed the immediately devoured egg bite. The soy sauce taste completed what was an incredibly rewarding—if quickly consumed—breakfast treat.

Just Egg Sous Vide - At
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Viva Mexico!

Breakfast on the run is a must in my household. Following the success of JUST: Egg’s Japanese offering, I was quick to order the Mexican variety. Already somewhat spoiled by the ability to experience international cuisine effectively—and quickly—I placed the chipotle-enhanced egg bites in the oven and aggressively completed the rest of my morning routine.

Returning to the oven minutes later, I was on my way to Mexico with every savory bite, stopping only to ensure the second box was opened and ready to be heated. Infused with corn, poblano peppers, lime and black bean, I quickly discovered that these bites were a personal favorite. As with the Japanese egg bites, they didn’t stay on my shelf for long.

Indian, and everything after

Equally unique and delicious, JUST: Egg’s Indian variety, seasoned with a curry blend, coconut milk and lemongrass, are a hit in the house. The classic American–with potato and sweet red pepper—is already at the top of my Father’s Day Wishlist.

This summer, I’m spending more time in the kitchen, and less time in line at the coffee shop, thanks exclusively to JUST: Egg’s phenomenal Sous Vide egg bites.

– Brody McVittie

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