Oats are the GOAT – Now Earn 5x Vejii Bucks on Oatly!

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Oats are the GOAT Dairy Substitute. Earn 5x Vejii Bucks on all Oatly Products!

Level Up

The 1990’s were responsible for angsty music, TV shows about nothing, and—in the far-off land of Sweden—the transformation of a superfood into a super superfood.

Today, conscientious Swede powerhouse Oatly is rewarding dairy-averse consumers with a variety of milks, deserts, spreads and ‘oatgurts’ that harness the nutritional power of a particular grain in alarming and delicious ways.

And with 5x the Vejii bucks earned on Oatly, now’s the time to discover your next favorite summer indulgence!

Who knew Fibre could be fun?

Vitamins, minerals and beta-glucans (the fancy term for fibre) are rarely considered when reaching for a pint of ice cream. Oatly is happy to offer a nutritious alternative that retains all of the flavor of traditional dairy-based treats.

With dairy substitute options ranging from Fudge Brownie to Raspberry Swirl, kids and adults alike will come for the taste, and benefit from a nutrient punch as rich as the flavor of their Frozen Desserts.

Perfect when blended into a milkshake, Frozen Deserts are available in spoon-ready, pint-sized offerings.

Oat Ice Cream "Oatly" at Shopvejii.com

Oatgurt for Everyone

Whether dialing down the dairy for digestive sensitivities or philosophical reasons, many health-forward individuals still crave a familiar compliment to breakfast. Oat milk over cereal, alongside a container of Peach, Black Cherry or Mixed Berry Oatgurt ensures the family leaves the table satisfied. Vegan, non-GMO and Gluten Free, Oatly options cater to those looking for planet-friendly options and good-taste connoisseurs alike.

Eliminate the Middle-Man (*Or cow.)

Conventional farming found the oats being fed to the cow, and the cow providing the milk. By skipping a step, Oatly is committed to giving the cows—and, for some of us, our digestive systems—a break. Harnessing the full nutritional complement of the oat—and engineering a rich, creamy flavor profile to match—Oatly milks, spreads and deserts provide a healthy, tasty alternative to traditional classics.


Vegan Dairy Substitute "Oatly" Available at Shopvejii.com

Imagery Coursey of Oatly.com

Plant Based Power

The brainchild of Swedish scientist Rickard Oste, oat-based milk is a relatively new breakthrough. Oatly continues the proud tradition Oste developed by delivering fibre-rich, nutrient-dense products to an increasingly health-aware audience. Vejii is pleased to offer an assortment of Oatly offerings and is rewarding customers for their support of these nutritious products with a limited-time offer.

A Real Dairy Substitute and 5x the Savings!

Shopvejii.com customers earn five Vejii bucks for every dollar spent on Oatly; with flavors like Mint Chip and Salted Caramel in stock, Frozen Desserts and creamy Oatgurts are sure to become a table-side staple this summer.

– Brody McVittie

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