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Vendor Registration

Vejii is here to help vendors like you reach millions of buyers across the country and around the world, as we continue to expand the markets we serve.

Whether you are an established vegan or plant-based brand, or a start-up looking to expand your reach to gain national exposure, Vejii is here to help! We can support your growth by providing an affordable, easy-to-use sales channel.

We are committed to helping local, small business owners and our fee structure reflect this as summarized below:

Existing Revenue Order Fee
Less than 1M of annual Sales 10% of revenue
Less than 2.5M of annual Sales 12.5% of revenue
More than 2.5M of annual Sales 15% of revenue

Transactions are processed through our site and passed directly to you, for fulfillment, with no hidden fees or costs – and your account will be settled on a weekly basis to help you manage your cash flow appropriately.

Vejii also provides control over your offerings. You will have access to a Vendor Portal that allows you to run your own sales, make product bundles, upload new products, monitor or track your sales data and manage integrations that are best for your business (whether through an API, custom integration, or simply receiving and processing orders as a PDF).

How do I start selling with Vejii?

The first step to complete the following form!

Vendor Registration