Plants In The Toaster? ? Let’s Try It!


Plants in the Toaster? (*Or the oven.  Or on the skillet.  Or in the Microwave.)

Face it, very few of us are Michelin Starred Chefs serving plant-based breakfast in Michelin Starred kitchens.  Which isn’t to say that we don’t enjoy the occasional culinary splash served up first thing in the morning.  The minds over at JUST have come up with the perfect way to scratch that creative in the kitchen itch: introducing the revolutionary JUST: Egg Folded.

Folding eggs is no longer a technique requiring hours of practice…with JUST: Egg Folded patty’s, you can deliver perfectly prepared (for you) plant-based eggs straight from the toaster…or any of those kitchen appliances staring back at you first thing in the morning.  The options are endless, and the preparation has never been easier.  You can have a gourmet-worthy breakfast ready in just minutes!  Ready to serve in no time, JUST: Egg Folded is the perfect fix for a plant-based breakfast on the run.

Perfect for Eggs Florentine, the only technique required is the activation of the toaster oven or the heating of the skillet or finding the timer on the microwave. (*And surely, even the most morning-averse of us can handle that, right?)

Whether you’re new to the JUST: Egg difference, or an avid fan, JUST: Egg Folded is back in stock and available now!


Healthy Choice—For You and The Planet

The plant-based ingredients are guaranteed to leave you satisfied—and not simply due to the nutrients!  By using a sustainably sourced protein (Mung beans), JUST: Egg Folded is cholesterol-free.  By using less water and carbon emissions than traditionally farmed eggs, the impact is felt beyond your tummy.  With JUST: Egg Folded, you’re giving back to the planet–as well as your tastebuds.

Traditionally the bane of the cholesterol-conscious, a heavy egg-based breakfast—while only raising the HDL (good cholesterol) in 70% of devotees—could occasionally increase troublesome LDL (not so good cholesterol/total cholesterol) in others.  Some genetically-inherited conditions, like familial hypercholesterolaemia, have impacted the amount of eggs optimally consumed at the breakfast table—but no longer!

(*Fair warning—JUST: Egg Folded comes in packages of four ready-to-go patty’s, so advocates will tell you to order enough for everyone at your table!)

The Proof is in the Packaging 

Egg-free, Non-GMO, Cholesterol-free, Plant-Based and with 7g of protein per serving, JUST: Egg Folded packs a mighty taste into a small 100 calorie serving.  The advantage of a delicious, nutrient-rich plant-based breakfast has never been so convenient.  

With JUST: Egg Folded, your next Omelet will have the whole family thinking you’ve labored in the kitchen all morning…provided you remember to hide the toaster before serving!  

Have a Better Breakfast

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