Ripple Foods Gently Reminds You Everything Is Better with Ice Cream

Ripple Foods Cookies &Amp; Creme

Much Better.

Ripple Foods assortment of plant-based, sustainably-sourced and entirely dairy-free ice cream is not only delicious but better for you too. Boasting a range of nut-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan, soy-free flavors, this ice cream will leave you feeling extra good about the decision to go for one more bite!

The Ripple Effect

Ripple’s plant-based protein boasts 8 grams of protein per serving—in line with their dairy counterparts, and a whopping 8x more than other dairy alternatives!  With ½ of the sugar of dairy, and 15% less sugar than the rest, Ripple’s plant-based formula contains only 5 grams of sugar, while almond, cashew and coconut come in at 7 grams.

When it comes to saturated fat, Ripple contains a measly 0.5 grams per serving, while dairy contains 4.6 grams.  Believe it or not, Ripple even contains more calcium per serving—45% versus the cow’s 30% Throw in an industry-leading 30% per serving of Vitamin D, and the health-conscious choice-champion is clear: Ripple!*

(*Contrasted with 2% dairy milk, comparison data from USDA National Nutritional Database for Standard Reference, release 28, 2015.)

Peas Have A Remarkably Tiny Environmental Impact

Pea Brained

The minds at Ripple Foods want to make helping the planet feel effortless.  Unlike almonds, which require irrigation, and dairy, which—in addition to the effects on cattle, can contribute to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions—peas have a remarkably tiny environmental impact.  Yellow peas, like the kind utilized in all Ripple products, tend to grow in naturally wet climates or areas, making them the ultimate choice when it comes to sustainably sourced, planet-minded proteins.

All The Flavors You’ve Come to Love

Added to a desert, blended into a frothy shake, or served with a spoon, Ripple Foods: Chocolate, Mint Chip, Cookies and Crème, and Vanilla challenge you to put the pint back in the fridge before finishing!

Don’t Forget the Milk!

As if a mouth-watering array of delicious ice cream options wasn’t enough, Ripple offers a Vanilla Milk with Pea Protein plant-based option that shares an ultra-clean protein source with its frozen cousins!  The ideal companion for shakes, post-workout smoothies, and the bottom of cereal bowls, this delicious, creamy taste is the non-dairy alternative that will have you reaching for moreRipple Foods: Chocolate Pea Protein Milk offers an extra kick of chocolatey, creamy goodness for those looking for something a little different in their nutritious, pea milk glass!

Feel Better, Taste Better with Ripple

This summer, when it comes to the perfect hot-day cool-down treat, count on Ripple Foods to deliver the taste you’re looking for, and enjoy the health boost that comes with it!

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