Vejii and Seventh Generation Demand Better for Your Baby

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Vejii Cares.

At Vejii, we’re committed to ensuring the best in plant-based and sustainable living products are available to your family.  With over 3,000 of the world’s leading lifestyle, food, supplement, and vitamin products accessible to order with the click of a mouse, we want you to rest easy knowing we’ve got your family’s optimal health in mind.

Especially the new additions.

Vejii wants to take the worry out of shopping for your little bundle of joy.  With so many brands vying for your hard-earned dollar, it can be difficult to know who has your baby’s best interest at heart.  Were the products you’re placing on their sensitive skin created in dye and additive-free environments?  Are the cleaning aids you’re wiping them down with free from unnecessary, potentially harmful chemicals and irritants?

A 2019 report published on the Eco Parent website details the potential dangers associated with some traditional baby care products.  According to the findings, a disturbing 77% of the ingredients in 17,000 reviewed children’s products have never been assessed for safety by industry or government.  The findings also detail that the average baby is exposed to as many as 27 untested chemicals in baby products alone!

Your little ones deserve better…and Vejii is determined to help.  We’ve partnered with Seventh Generation, producers of the first USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Certified Biobased 30% diaper, in order to ensure the products touching your loved ones are the best on the market, plant-based or otherwise.

Seventh Heaven

Seventh Generation has been in the business of renewable, plant-based ingredients and sustainably sourced materials for over 30 years.  The company uses recycled elements to design their packaging and is fully committed to the concept of creating less waste and more value for your family.  With their ultra-absorbent, high-capacity core, Seventh Generation Sensitive and Newborn Protection Baby Diapers are free from bleach or chemically added chlorine, preventing harmful toxins from entering waterways.  Designed with a special quilted liner, and featuring their proprietary FreshAIR breathable technology, Seventh Generation has your baby’s best interest—and perfect skin—in mind with each plant-based diaper.

Combined with Sensitive Protection Cleansing Baby Wipes, the cleaning process is perfected—or as close to perfected—as changing a writhing, uncomfortable baby can possibly be.  Thick enough to clean the messiest of situations, and sensitive enough to protect your baby’s fresh skin, Seventh Generation aims to make the process as pleasant as possible, for all involved!

Vejii understands that caring for a newborn, toddler or infant can be a time-consuming process.  We want to give you some of that time—time previously lost to searching for the best possible products for your little one—back.  With brands like Seventh Generation readily available on what we hope will become the world’s largest online plant-based marketplace, shopping is easier—and more carefree—than ever.

*Which leaves more time to perfect that baby-changing technique.

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