Shipping Policy
At The Vegan Market, we have set out to make shipping, of the most confusing part of dropshipping, dead simple. We provide a tiered flat-rate shipping structure to our merchants, and suppliers will always ship the cheapest method possible. We only ship within the USA (lower 48 only). Supplier will typically ship within 1-2 business days after the invoice is paid, and orders can be expected to arrive to a customer within 3-7 business days from the order date.

Flat-Rate Shipping Tiers
$3.95 for orders 0 – 1 lb

$5.95 for orders 1.01 – 5 lbs

$9.95 for orders 5.01 – 10 lbs

$12.95 for orders 10.01 – 15 lbs

$15.95 for orders 15.01 – 20 lbs

$18.95 for orders 20.01 – 25 lbs

$21.95 for orders 25.01 – 30 lbs

30 lbs + actual shipping rates apply

Please note: The above flat-rate shipping costs assumes a single shipment (one package shipped). For order quantities great than one, there may be additional costs applied in scenarios where orders need to be shipped in multiple packages. In these multi-shipment scenarios, the shipping costs are calculated by estimated carrier rates and billed/approved prior to shipment.

Premier Plan Members have discounted shipping from these rates.

Please note: The Vegan Market does not allow shipping to PO Boxes. We may reject, or in some cases cancel, orders if it is being shipped to a PO Box. We are enacting this policy to enforce our suppliers’ shipping policies. Our catalog includes some products that our suppliers will not allow to be shipped to a PO Box.

You can view this in your Inventory Source Order Manager. From your Order Manager, you will see your orders, and if you click an order, you will see the shipping address under “Delivery Info”.

We understand that some orders may slip through the crack, however please note that ALL orders being shipped to a PO Box are subject to cancellation.

If you still receive an order from a PO Box, we recommend you reach out to our customer directly and request a different shipping address.

Another option is adding a “No PO Box“ disclaimer on your sales channel so that your customer can input an alternate address. Depending on the sales channel you are using, you may be able to customize your site to notify your customer before submitting the order.

Again, this policy is to abide by policies put in place by our suppliers. If you have any additional question, please feel free to reach out on our contact page.