Stock Up on Frozen Fruits & Veggies right NOW.


Admit it.

You don’t eat enough fruit.  And you really fall short when it comes to your vegetable intake.  You’re not alone—according to a recent study, nearly 90 percent of Americans fail to consume the recommended amounts of the green stuff, with 80 percent of Americans falling short when it comes to fruit consumption quantities.   (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

The green-powered minds at WOODSTOCK have partnered with Vejii to provide a solution.  This summer, keep the CDC happy by getting your Frozen Fruits & Veggies fast…and frozen.  

Picked at peak ripeness and flash-frozen to keep the good stuff, WOODSTOCK provides a convenient, nutrient-powered answer to your green shortage.  

Only as far as your Freezer.

Recently, a study by the University of California-Davis (UC Davis) in association with The Frozen Food Foundation discovered that the nutritional content of eight commonly purchased Frozen Fruits & Veggies rivalled—if not exceeded—the nutritional value of their fresh counterparts.  Easily stored, and easily prepared, the road to upping that lagging intake starts in your icebox.

Eat because it’s good!

And good for you.  WOODSTOCK endeavours to keep it simple with a range of organic, non-GMO food items. 

With over 30 years experience, WOODSTOCK has developed a reputation for delivering quality plant-powered products to families craving natural, organic ingredients.  Committed to becoming 100% bioengineered ingredient free by 2022, WOODSTOCK has a compliment of health-conscious options available via the Vejii website, with new products arriving often.

Power Greens

WOODSTOCK’s Organic line—farm-fresh vegetables direct from the freezer to your table –provide the nutrient-rich ingredients necessary for any recipe.  

Organic Edamame is the perfect addition to a stir-fry.  Made from whole, immature soybeans (sometimes referred to as vegetable-type soybeans), WOODSTOCK’s Organic Edamame Whole is available in 10 oz packages and comes packed with vitamins and minerals.  For a limited time, Vejii shoppers earn 3 Vejii Bucks with purchase.

Chopped Collard Greens, Organic Cauliflower Florets and WOODSTOCK’s Winter Blend (Organic Broccoli and Cauliflower) round out the farm-fresh compliments line.  Picked at the peak of perfection, these organic, nutrient-dense sides are sure to punch up any meal served on a health-focused plate.

Antioxidant Rich, Year Round 

WOODSTOCK offers an assortment of fresh, frozen and ready to use fruits.  

Perfectly suited for smoothies, deserts or as a flavorful addition to yogurt, WOODSTOCK’s Organic Antioxidant Blend contains a mix of blueberries, dark sweet cherries, pomegranate and strawberries.  Vegan, organic and Non-GMO, this delicious mix offers the full compliment of fruit flavors and benefits, with no added sugars!  For a limited time, Vejii shoppers can earn 16 Vejii Bucks with purchase of this delicious blend.

Diced Mangoes, Pomegranate Kernels and Banana Slices are perfectly suited for shakes and salads, and WOODSTOCK’s Organic Tropical Fruit Blend (bananas, mangos and strawberries) enable the less-discerning shopper to enjoy a medley of flavor in one package!

Covering the Spread

Many an intended healthy meal has been destroyed by the addition of a sugar or salt infused condiment.  Traditionally the bane of the healthy eater, the experienced minds at WOODSTOCK have developed a line of organic meal-enhancers.  Enjoy the taste, skip the remorse with Organic Dijon Mustard, Yellow Mustard, and the ever-popular Ground Stone Mustard.

Available in 8 oz or monster-sized 128 oz containers, WOODSTOCK’s Ground Stone Mustard is the perfect addition to a spicy marinade, and a zesty hit at your next barbecue.  Dairy free, gluten free, Non-GMO, kosher and vegan, this blend of mustard seeds, organic spices and vinegars is the perfect topping for any smoked meat or BBQ treat.  For a limited time, earn a whopping 42 Vejii Bucks with purchase of an 8 oz container.

Decades of dedication to health and sustainability

30 years experience has seasoned WOODSTOCK to the demands of the health-conscious consumer.  Vejii is proud to offer bonus Vejii Bucks with each purchase of Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Spreads.  Feel good about what’s on your plate with WOODSTOCK.


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