Summer Savings on Field Roast: Miniature Corn Dogs

Field Roast: Miniature Corn Dogs

15% Off a Fresh Take on a Timeless American Treat

Perfect for a summer day, Field Roast: Miniature Corn Dogs are a plant-based, smoked frankfurter that’s big on flavor.  Coated with crispy cornbread batter, this fresh take on an American classic will have everyone at your table reaching for the last one!

For a limited time, Vejii shoppers can enjoy an additional 15% off these delicious, easy to prepare treats.

Summer Savings on Field Roast: Miniature Corn Dogs

That County Fair Flavor

Born from a love of classic Americana, Corn Dogs have been a vital part of Amusement Park visits and County Fairs for over 100 years.  The minds at what is known to consumers simply as Field Roast endeavored to create a ballpark-worthy dog that—to the surprise of many curious samplers—was entirely plant-based.  Introduced at the Seattle Mariners’ stadium in 2011, the first Field Roast Frankfurter passed the taste test of diehard Frank enthusiasts.

Expanding the menu to include mini versions of their popular treats, the Award-Winning Field Roast: Miniature Corn Dogs were created, offering an appetizing appetizer easily prepared in the oven.  Mini versions of the classic plant-based Frankfurter, all coated in that crispy, golden batter, are placed in a preheated, 350-degree oven, and—in just twenty minutes—delicious, steamy bites are ready to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Whether served with vegan ketchup and mustard or alongside a summer cookout platter, Field Roast: Miniature Corn Dogs are the cant-miss hit of the season.

The Carbon Neutral Promise

Carbon neutrality is achieved when all carbon emissions are avoided and reduced, and unavoidable carbon emissions are offset with clean, renewable energy and verified emissions reductions.  Field Roast is working aggressively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and—by investing in high-impact environmental projects designed to neutralize existing unavoidable emissions—aims to reduce their environmental footprint by 50% by 2025.

With a commitment to sustainably sourced, environmentally-friendly, plant-based foods, Field Roast is serious about bringing classic American foods into a green future.

Big Savings, Tiny Bites

With Field Roast: Miniature Corn Dogs, you can enjoy the crispy, meaty-flavors of ballpark-worthy plant-based Franks—and, from July 22 – July 25, Vejii shoppers can enjoy them with an additional 15% off.  This summer, save big on the taste that will keep the whole family reaching for more!

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