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Tofu, Seriously.

Tofu. It’s a versatile protein source, perfect for frying, baking, or scrambling—and with Wildwood Organic Super Firm, Silken and Extra Firm offerings, the options for a nutrient-packed meal are virtually endless.
Beginning as a San Francisco Deli in 1978, Wildwood has packed decades of experience into their healthy and organic food products. Proudly displaying the Food Marketing Institute “Facts Up Front” labeling on their Tofu products, Wildwood is committed to creating meals that are not only delicious but packed with the best nutritional value for the families they feed.


Silken Tofu—The Perfect Smoothie Enhancer!

Tofu in your smoothie. It might not be your first thought when searching for a protein source for your nutrient-packed post-workout drink, but—thanks to Wildwood Organic Silken Tofu—it’s your next favorite ingredient. With six grams of protein per three-ounce cube, this tasty tofu blends easily and is the perfect complement to dips and desserts. Vegan, Non-GMO, and Organic, Wildwood Organic Silken Tofu is a convenient, ready-to-go component to any nutrient-rich meal…or shake!

Super Firm, Super Fry-Ready (if not Super Friable) Tofu.

Friable vs. Fry-Ready. The former means easily crumbled, which Wildwood Organic Super Firm Tofu is decidedly not (hence the name.) The latter, however—entirely true. Simply tear the top of the package, and your Super Firm Tofu is ready to be fried, baked or scrambled. Great for stir-fry, sandwiches or salads, this versatile protein source invites you to be creative!


Wildwoods Tofu Pad Thai

Extra Firm, for those meals that need a little more!

Sprouted soybeans ensure that Wildwood Organic Extra Firm Tofu is easily digested and facilitates accelerated nutrient absorption. A single package contains as much protein as 4.5 cups of milk! So whether you’re looking to ‘beef’ up a salad or sandwich, this entirely plant-based powerhouse leave your tastebuds satisfied and your body nourished.

The Wilder the Recipe, The Better the Taste.

BBQ Tofu Sliders. Easy Tofu Chili. Tofu Tikka Masala. Veggie Pad Thai. Banh Mi. Whatever the occasion and regardless of the creation, with Wildwood Organic Tofu, you’re only limit is your imagination. The spirit of a bustling late ‘70’s Deli partners with the sustainably-sourced, plant-based goodness of nutrient-rich, go green ingredients to create a versatile, dynamic food compliment.



One that you’ll find surprisingly perfect for any meal you can think of.

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