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Save on Unreal Deli‘s Savory Sandwich Accelerators

For over 100 years, the term ‘Deli’ has been associated with two things: New York City, and delicious sandwiches. With this in mind, the revered Unreal Deli company has taken a century’s worth of history, and—inspired by the efforts of Romanian immigrant Morris Gross and his famous NYC Delis—perfected a series of delicious sandwich toppers.
The twist? They’re entirely plant-based.

For a limited time, Vejii shoppers can enjoy 25% off these historically tasty products!

Unreal-Deli Investment

The Difference Authenticity Makes

Authentic. It is a buzzword, and for the minds at Unreal Deli, it is a mantra. Distilling generational knowledge and sandwich mastery into tasty, nutrient-rich and sustainably sourced plant-based meat alternatives is the mission…and the Deli masters are clearly up to the task.

Endeavoring to create a product not engineered in a lab, Unreal Deli offers the taste of classic Deli meats designed entirely with ingredients fresh from the garden. Plant-based, Nitrate free, Kosher, Low-Fat, Low-Carb, Animal-Free, Cholesterol-Free, & Protein-Packed, these fresh twists on classic fare are sure to have that next sandwich packing a nutrient profile as rich as the taste.

The Shark Tank Stamp of Approval

According to Entrepreneur and Shark Tank host Mark Cuban, Unreal passes the taste test. “As a self-declared Deli Expert, I have officially placed my allegiance with Unreal.”
Bold words from a bold man—a bold man who appreciates a good sandwich. Unreal Deli: Roasted Turk’y Deli Slices and Corn’d Beef Deli Slices are the perfect sandwich toppers, with advocates ranging from TV personalities to New York City daily Deli frequenters! (Hint: they’re also great on omelets!)

Nutrient Bomb

Whether you’re looking to get some vitamin B3, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 or just some good old-fashioned Folic Acid, Unreal has you covered. In addition to the rich taste, sandwich devotees can enjoy a plant-based meat alternative that is free from Saturated and Trans-fat and is both Cholesterol-Free and Protein-packed.

Unreal Deli, Unreal Recipes

Build your own ‘World Famous Unreal Reuben’ with Unreal Corn’d Beef, Rye Bread, plant-based Swiss or Provolone cheese, an eggless mayo, and some Sauerkraut! It’s as simple as heating a skillet over medium heat, stacking the Corn’d Beef on the sandwich, layering some cheese, and cover the skillet with a lid. Within a minute or two, you’ve recreated a recipe that has satisfied lunchers for over a century!

Unreal-Deli Turky

Unreal Deli Roasted Turk’y Thanksgiving Sammy

All it takes is a little Unreal Roasted Turk’y, a can of Cranberry Sauce, Vegan Gravy, and some spinach! (And a baguette or some bread to stack the taste on.) Simply microwave or pan heat the Turk’y to your desired level of crisped-edge goodness, toast your baguette, apply some greens and gravy, and you’re ready to enjoy a delicious, nutrient-rich, and sustainably sourced lunch.

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