Vegan Breakfast Sandwich Recipe with JUST Egg

Just EGG Breakfast Sandwich

I will find any excuse to use my waffle press, so when this breakfast sandwich recipe popped into my head, I was so excited to share it with you. This sandwich brings together the delicious flavors of creamy, spicy cilantro spread, a hint of lemon, and a perfectly cooked vegan egg (plus that perfectly crispy and buttery bread).

This was my first time trying the JUST egg fold and I was amazed at how similar this plant egg is to the real thing. If you used to eat eggs and are looking for the best egg replacement – this is it! The fold makes it so easy to make a breakfast sandwich because all you have to do is heat it up – it is the perfect size and shape to add to any breakfast sandwich, even for grilling.

If you are ready to take your breakfast to the next level, This cheesy jalapeno breakfast sandwich will indeed help you stop hitting the snooze button in the morning.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich Recipe with JUST Egg


– ¼ Jalapeno Pepper

– A handful or 2 TBSP Fresh Cilantro

– ⅛ cup Tofutti Creme Cheese

– 3 Slices of Miyoko’s Fresh Vegan Mozzarella

1 JUST Plant Egg Folded

– 2 Slices of Food for Good Bread

– Earth Balance Buttery Spread

* Optional 1 TBSP Preserved Lemon


1 Frying Pan &/or waffle press


  1. 1. Finely Chop Jalapeno Pepper, Cilantro, and Lemon
  2. Add ⅛ cup creme cheese to veggies and combine well
  3. Slice vegan mozzarella cheese and put aside.
  4. Turn your pan onto medium-high heat and oil the pan
  5. Place a JUST Egg Fold into the center of the pan and cook according to the package.
  6. While the egg is cooking, prep the sandwich by spreading the creme cheese mixture onto the bread.
  7. Add the plant egg and vegan cheese on top.
  8. Butter each side of the sandwich with the Earth Balance buttery spread.
  9. Heat the waffle iron or frying pan and grill the sandwich until it is crispy and the cheese has melted.


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