Vejii is Now An Official Member of The Plant Based Foods Association!

Vejii is a memeber of the plant based foods association

Vejii is happy to announce that we are now a member of the Plant Based Foods Association!

The Plant Based Foods Association consists of members and supporters with the shared goal of ensuring the plant-based foods industry can succeed and thrive.

Additionally, they support agricultural policies that allow for competition allowing expansion opportunities in the plant-based foods industry.

This includes increasing support for speciality crops such as grains, nuts, and seeds, while promoting research for plant-based protein sources and removing anti-competitive policies.

This means a wider range of plant-based products available to people like you!

Along with supporting policies that increase the availability of our favorite vegan foods, the Plant Based Foods Association ensures that the labelling of plant-based products is standardized, along with the agricultural supply chain that supports these products.

This means you can easily find your favorite plant-based items with us, knowing without a doubt they are just what you’re looking for.

Check out today to see what new vegan products we have in store.

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