Vejii Takes the Effort Out of Taco Night

Taco Night at Vejii

Mexican Made Easy

Is there anything better than Taco night?  Casually associated with Tuesday–despite LeBron James and his ill-fated attempt to trademark the name—no other food claims ownership of a weekday quite as famously.  The idea of a family gathering around to coat their packed tortillas with an array of fresh toppings makes the monumental effort of gathering said ingredients worthwhile.


Vejii wants to take the pain of navigating the grocery store away.  No longer will you have to venture all the way to the opposite end of the supermarket, only to realize you forgot a key ingredient way back in the produce section.  With over 3,000 of the world’s best plant-based and sustainable living goods, Vejii is quickly becoming the biggest, most planet-friendly online marketplace.

The next time you’re planning a Taco night—Tuesday or otherwise—turn to Vejii for a decidedly healthy take on a family feast favorite.  From tortillas to plant-based ground beef alternatives, everything you need is available with a click of the button.

Factor in Vejii’s price match guarantee and free shipping on orders over $75, and preparing a Mexico-City worthy celebration has never been easier.

$1 Off Queso Fresco Crumbles (August 24-26)

Vejii is committed to offering the best deals on key ingredients for your Mexican-themed dinner.  For a limited time, take advantage of an additional dollar off of delicious Queso Fresco Crumbles.  A product of Forager Project, the organic creamery dedicated to dairy alternatives, this cheese crumbles like the real thing, making it an ideal ingredient in your health-themed Taco night.  Derived from Forager Project Yogurt (concocted with a proprietary blend of cashew milk, coconut cream and other nutrient-rich ingredients) this dairy free, non-GMO dinner-saver melts just like the real thing—and tastes even better!

Food for Thought

An article published in Smithsonian Magazine asks a very important question—where did the taco come from?  Jeremy M. Pilcher, a professor of History at The University of Minnesota (and unabashed taco enthusiast) has spent over twenty years consuming (and consuming information on) Mexican food, chronicling the history, culture and evolution of this popular cuisine.  Pilcher theorizes that the word ‘taco’ refers to the charges miners would use to excavate ore in the 18th century, with paper-wrapped gunpowder fed into cave holes and blasted.  (One supposes this accounts for the taste explosion when a spicy, tortilla wrapped medley is bitten down upon.)  The first tacos were referred to as tacos de minero—miner’s tacos.

Wrapping Up

Count on Vejii—not only for delicious, plant-based takes on traditional fare—but the best deals on the healthiest ingredients as well.  We guarantee you’ll never beat our prices—and, with shipping directly to your door, you won’t have to brave the grocery store in order to scavenge those taco-night-essentials.

Provide a healthy feast for your family, next Tuesday or otherwise, and be sure to drop a taco fact or two in the process.  At Vejii, we’re more than an online marketplace—we’re a little free education.

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