With Upton’s Naturals, Jackfruit has Never Been Better!

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Big Savings on Barbecue Savers

You’re planning a summer cookout, and you want to accommodate everyone’s palette.  What do you do when searching for grill-ready treats that are plant-based, gluten-free and non-GMO?

You look to Upton’s Naturals rich, meaty—and totally plant-based—takes on pulled pork and veggie dogs.

Vejii is teaming with Upton’s Naturals to offer a variety of delicious jackfruit-based seitan products. From the famous Updog to the Bar-Be-Que Jackfruit, these plant-based takes on meaty summer classics are perfect for your next get-together!

From August 13th to the 15th, Vejii customers can enjoy 10x the Vejii bucks on the purchase of any Upton’s Naturals products.

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Jackfruit, Better.

Back in 2015, Daniel Staackmann pioneered flavored, wheat-based seitan with the intention of offering a taste-equivalent alternative to pulled pork.  Discovering that young, unripe jackfruit (that hasn’t developed sweetness or seeds) had a similar cooked texture to shredded pork or poultry, Staackmann borrowed from recipes used for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia and perfected the first of his signature seitan dishes.  The pioneer creation—a hearty Italian flavored jackfruit—was a hit, and the Chicago-based Upton’s Naturals was born!  In the years since, their plant-based takes on traditional fare have caught fire, with coverage on media outlets like Fox News and The Washington Post.  The secret is out—Upton’s Naturals is the rich, flavorful alternative of choice for the meat-eater gone green!

More than Meats

The Updog is not your average veggie dog.  Crafted from a unique combination of mustard seed and celery seed, a one-of-a-kind algae-based coating gives the Updog the flavor advantage at any summer cookout.  Upton’s Naturals Traditional Seitan is pre-cooked, boasts meaty textures, and is ready to serve! When warmed to your desired temperature, this versatile seitan is the ideal ingredient in casseroles, stews, or stir-fries.  Available in Original, Bar Be Que, and Chili Lime, Upton’s Naturals Jackfruits are ideal for burgers, pizzas, and tacos.  By coming shredded, as opposed to the chunked varieties most commonly associated with jackfruit, Upton’s Naturals retain the texture of your favorite shredded meats—and have the flavor profile to match!

Company’s Coming

Your next summer gathering is coming, and you need delicious meal ideas.

What do you do?

You think Vejii.  With over 3,000 sustainably sourced products available, we’re on our way to becoming the world’s largest plant-based marketplace…and we’ve got exactly what you need to throw the perfectly inclusive summer event.  Since no barbecue is quite the same without dogs on the grill, why not grab an assortment of Updogs to go with your plant-based meat sandwiches?  Remember, for a limited time, Vejii shoppers can earn 10x the Vejii bucks on every Upton’s Naturals product purchased.

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