With Vejii, Enjoy a Better ‘Method’ of Cleaning

Green Cleaning with Method and Vejii

Is a clean house really a clean house?

Once you’ve scrubbed the kitchen appliances, bleached the bathrooms, wiped the door handles, and washed the surfaces that the kids touch all day long, the house is fresh and clean as can be! (Right?)

After using standard cleaners, the house may seem clean, but your body and the air you breathe may not be.

Sure, the bottle of all-purpose cleaner promises to rid of germs and leave a nice, fresh scent lingering behind. But what ingredients are killing those germs and leaving that scent?

The mixtures of ingredients that claim to simply be “disinfecting” may also be hurting your family’s skin and lungs and polluting the greater environment, whilst circulating through the most important environment of them all: your home.

After learning just how unsafe many standard household cleaners are, we encourage you to check out the vast amount of natural, safer cleaners on the Vejii marketplace.

PLant Based Grapefruit Soap at Vejii by Method

Standard cleaners aren’t as clean as they seem.

In fact, the most commonly used household cleaners are not clean at all.

Ingredients in these cleaners can cause immediate damage to our skin and respiratory systems, and others contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer. Many fragrances in cleaning products are just plain unsafe, as they can lead to adverse health effects. Furthermore, certain chemicals in common cleaners cannot be broken down when being treated and added to water supplies, and as a result, endanger both us and wildlife.

What’s worse? Cleaning supply brands aren’t required to list some of these dangerous chemicals on their packaging, as they can claim that they’re a part of a secret formula. Can you believe that?

Give me the real cleaning stuff!

It’s safe to say that there needs to be healthier, better options when it comes to cleaning supplies—and there are.

Brands like Method, Seventh Generation, and Ecos prioritize safety and sustainability in creating their cleaning supplies. And don’t be turned off by a “naturally-derived” label or a “plant-based” ingredient list (that, by the way, actually lists all of the ingredients). Though these cleaners are gentle on our bodies and environment, they get the job done, just without any of the safety hazards.

And best of all? You can conveniently find all these cleaners on the Vejii marketplace.

Switch out your house cleaners and feel good doing it. Some simple swaps under the kitchen sink could protect you, your family, and the planet.


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