You Won’t Believe It’s a Plant-Based Burger

Plant-Based Burger by Mainstream at Vejii

Barbecue Season For Us Means Plant-Based Burgers Better Than The Real Thing

You’ve waited all year for summer. Time to fire up the grill and enjoy those family cookouts! Maybe you’re ready to celebrate the end of the workweek with a delicious burger. The smell of the barbecue gets your mouth watering, waiting to bite into that hot, steamy, tender, juicy…
…plant-based burger?


A Plant-Based Burger Fit for Connoisseurs.

Burger enthusiasts are picky when it comes to beef. In order for a plant-based substitute to pass muster, it not only has to smell, taste, and look just like the real thing—in some cases, it has to exceed the flavor profiles the seasoned burger veteran has become accustomed to.

After all, some folks wait all year for barbecue season—they don’t want to waste time grilling inferior products.

Mainstream: Plant-Based Patties have you covered. The minds over at Before the Butcher has designed an authentic tasting, smelling, looking burger—one that competes with beef in all categories—including price!

Making plant-based burgers mainstream

Enjoy the Taste You’re Used to, at the Price You’re Used to

Recognizing that plant-based should be just as delicious—and just as cost-effective—as the traditionally-sourced substitute, Mainstream: Plant-Based Patties offer a guilt-free, sustainably sourced, healthy, and delicious alternative to the burgers you’re used to.

And the best part? Before the Butcher has partnered exclusively with Vejii! As the exclusive online source for delicious Mainstream: Plant-Based Patties, customers can celebrate this dynamic, versatile twist on a BBQ classic with an additional $2 Off from July 8-11.


Big on Taste

Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free, Mainstream: Plant-Based Patties offer a whopping 20 grams of plant protein per burger! And with 0 Trans Fat, you can rest assured that second—or third—the burger is a little less of a guilty pleasure come dinner time.

Whether you like your burgers grilled, pan-fried, or broiled, Mainstream: Plant-Based Patties offer the traditional preparation experience you’ve come to cherish. After all, what good is a burger that smells, looks, and tastes the same if you can’t use your favorite summer ritual to prepare it?


Summer Savings

Vejii is celebrating the partnership with Before the Butcher by offering an additional $2 off the new summer classic Mainstream: Plant-Based Patties. From July 8-11 save big on the next surefire hit at that summer cookout—and win over even the staunchest beef advocate with this delicious, plant-based alternative!


Mainstream Plant-Based Burger Bundle

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